The standardless solution for analysis of unknown samples for the S2 PUMA

The new SMART-QUANT FP is offered as fully integrated component of the S2 PUMA’s instrument software package SPECTRA.ELEMENTS and delivers reliable elemental data from F to U for solid, fused, pressed, powdery or liquid material without the need for laborious calibration.

SMART-QUANT FP uses fundamental parameters to calculate theoretical spectra based on given sample and instrument parameters and detector response. The software then compares the theoretical with the measured spectrum and minimizes differences between them by adjusting the element concentrations in its model.

All this is carried out fully automated in the background so that the operator does not have to worry about it. However, if one wishes to do so, the process can be constrained by the input of a variety of parameters to tune the standardless calibration to the application’s needs.

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The software allows a wide range of customizations with regards to sample definition, measurement specifications, analysis scheduling, and result presentation. To further tailor the hardware towards your specific application needs, the S2 PUMA can be configured with different X-ray tubes, several detector types, and variety of sample handling options.

Nevertheless, SMART-QUANT FP is set up in a “one fits all” standard configuration to let you start measurements immediately without lengthy adjustments. The intuitive user interface guides the operator through the process from placing the sample through result handling, be it an out-of-the-box standardless application or a more advanced analysis program.



To start a measurement in its simplest form, place your sample into the spectrometer, enter a sample name and start the analysis. That’s it. After a few minutes the essential analysis results get displayed. In the “Results Manager” tab more detailed measurement data can get displayed, organized, and processed.

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