D8-FABLINE, X-ray metrology solution
Reciprocal space map, X-ray Metrology

Thickness, strain and composition of epitaxial layers (HRXRD)

To characterize the thickness, crystallographic structure, composition and the degree of strain/relaxation in thin epitaxially grown films on substrates, such as SiGe on bulk Si or Si on Insulator (SOI), SiC, GaN, III-V compound semiconductors, HRXRD is the technique of choice.

XXR map thin film, X-ray Metrology

Thickness, roughness and density of thin films (XRR)

With the aid of X-Ray Reflectivity, it is possible to analyze the layer thickness, layer density and surface or interface roughness of ultra-thin gate oxides, high-k and low-k thin films, silicide and polycide films and barrier and metal layers.


µ-XRF, Thickness, X-ray Metrology

Composition and thickness of metal stacks (µ-XRF)

Micro X-ray fluorescence (µXRF) is the dedicated method for the chemical analysis from Al to U. One can obtain the composition of very small features such as solder bumps. Once calibrated, µXRF gives fast and precise thickness results right on the spot. The method is not influenced by the roughness of the layer. In general, one can analyze thicker layers than with XRR. The two techniques together are complementary and can be combined in the D8 FABLINE.