X-ray Metrology, wafer

High Resolution X-ray Diffraction (HRXRD)

The technology

HRXRD obtains its high resolution by using parallel beam optics, achieved by a.o. Goebel mirror, monochromators, Soller slits and analyzer crystals.


This technique is used to characterize the thickness, crystallographic structure, composition and the degree of strain/relaxation in thin epitaxially grown films on substrates, such as SiGe and GaN on wafers. Line focused beams are usually used to analyze blanket wafers. It is also possible to use a point focused microsource with a spotsize down to 50 µm by 50 µm for precise analyses on patterned wafers.

X-ray Metrology Study of the SiGe Epitaxial Layer on a Patterned Wafer
(PDF lab report)