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Dynamic Crystallization Analysis of Fats & Mixtures

Dynamic Solid Fat Content (SFC)

The control of crystallization is important in food products like chocolate, as it determines properties like mouthfeel, appearance (shininess) and shelf life. A new application called Dynamic Crystallization can characterize behavior of fats and mixtures within 2 hours, allowing e.g. rapid decision on the final application of the fat (filling or covering of the chocolate).

Direct and Indirect Solid Fat Content (SFC) measurements by means of pulsed magnetic resonance (NMR) in confectionery fats are well established official methods (AOCS, IUPAC). Nevertheless these approaches can be very cumbersome and time consuming when it comes to analyzing the full crystallization pattern as it takes many hours for the sample to crystallize.

Dynamic SFC application was developed to characterize the crystallization of fats in food industries within 120 min thus, speeding up decision making about the quality or end use of fats in production lines. The method can be used for incoming acceptance tests of fats in factories, end use orientation of fats such as filling or covering applications in confectionery and chocolate industry. Moreover, the application may also serve for adjusting machinery parameters (e.g.: shear rate, temperature gradient and speed in cooling tunnels, etc.).

Features and Benefits

  • Quality control of delivered fats and mixtures based on crystallization pattern
  • Rapid dynamic crystallization analysis of fats and mixtures in maximum 120 minutes
  • Increased raw material quality leading to increased product quality
  • Easy to use by NMR non-specialists
  • Minimal requirements regarding site and infrastructure
  • No chemical preparation needed
  • Meeting GxP standards in the food sector

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