Subway Protection

Protecting Mass Transit Systems

Metros and underground rail systems

Metros, underground rail systems and subway train stations are prime targets for a terrorist attack. With millions of people using mass transit systems daily, even small amounts of toxic materials can have a devastating effect.

Early Warning Systems

Early warning systems are indispensable, and Bruker has developed a detection and warning system that will respond to the slightest trace of chemical threat materials in the air. Designated TIMON is designed for covert operation, and to emulate a piece of electrical switchgear. TIMON detection systems sample the air at a selected point and will send an alarm to a remote control room if a chemical weapon agent or a toxic industrial chemical substance is detected. The detection instrument can be located at the sampling point, or up to 15 metres from that point so that the sampling point can, itself, be installed covertly. Distances between the detector and the control room can range from a few metres to over 90 metres, and this can be extended significantly by fibre optic communication.

Wide Area Chemical Threat Detection

For wide area chemical threat detection, such as large platforms or stations, Bruker offers the RAPIDplus. It's designed to detect chemical weapons and more than ninety toxic industrial chemicals. The scanning system of RAPIDplus can cover large swept volumes so that a single unit can identify threats emanating from points in a large concourse. This system integrates the chemical detection system with a video facility. In this way, the control room can target the RAPIDplus system to monitor specific areas of the infrastructure such as the choke points of entrances and exits, or can steer the detector to areas where suspicious activity is identified. With a range from a few metres to some kilometres the device can even be installed to look down train tunnels to detect evolving threats. Please contact Bruker to establish how your facility can benefit from our capability.