Spin Finish on Fibers

Oil Pick Up with Sample Weighing

Spin Finish is added to fibers to improve their downstream handling in the process of manufacturing. Fibers with properly distributed Spin Finish run more smoothly through the spinning machines allowing faster and more reliable operation.

Spin Finish avoids static electricity, guarantees sufficient lubrication and improves the cohesion of filaments. Determining the Spin Finish levels is crucial and needs to be assessed quickly and continuously. The minispec has proven to be the best solution for analyzing practically all combinations of fibers and Spin Finishes.

For high Spin Finish concentrations, see also our application note ”Spin Finish on Fibers – Oil Pick Up without Sample Weighing”.

Application Method

The time-domain (TD) NMR signal of a fiber sample exhibits different components. Fibers, moisture and Spin Finish are each characterized by a typical decay behavior. The NMR signal of Spin Finish is well separated from the other signals and can be quantitatively analyzed. For the application Spin Finish on Fibers with Sample Weighing a Hahn echo pulse sequence is applied and the weight-normalized echo signal amplitude (S2) correlates with the Spin Finish concentration.