eFlash HD

The High Definition EBSD Detector

With a native CCD resolution of almost 2 Megapixels (1600 x 1200 pixels) and state of the art camera optics for minimized distortions, the new eFlash HD detector provides high definition Kikuchi patterns that display finest details. The eFlash HD is the perfect choice for residual strain analysis (HR-EBSD). Datasets containing eFlash HD high quality patterns are also ideal for cross correlation analysis with third party software like CrossCourt4.

Typical applications

  • HR-EBSD (residual strain analysis)
  • Ultra-accurate phase identification
  • Analysis of pseudo-symmetry in crystal structures

Compared to its predecessor (eFlash HR), the new eFlash HD detector features an improved cooling system that decreases the CCD's dark current by a factor of four. Thus, the generated Kikuchi patterns are now of even better quality, including higher signal/ noise ratio.

The new eFlash HD detector uses a high efficiency and high quality phosphor screen to acquire high detailed Kikuchi patterns. The combination of a high pixel resolution CCD chip and a small grain size phosphor material guarantees a final pixel size in the patterns of 20 μm making visible very small shifts in the patterns.

The high precision guiding system of the eFlash HD allows for a screen positioning precision better than 10 μm. Therefore, the new eFlash HD is the best solution for running the pattern center calibration using methods based on screen movement.

The eFlash HD is available with ARGUS™ forescattered/ backscattered electron imaging system. This further increases the versatility of the detector and provides valuable additional information for meaningful and efficient microstructure characterization.

The new eFlash HD can also be retrofitted with the unique OPTIMUS™ TKD detector head for analyzing electron transparent samples in the best sample-detector geometry possible.

eFlash HD for high detail and high resolution patterns.
For TKD with best sample-detector geometry: eFlash HD with horizontal OPTIMUS detector head.