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Ultima Multiphoton Imaging Systems

Leading advances in neuroscience with fast, deep multiphoton imaging.

At the forefront of scientific discoveries for more than ten years, Bruker’s Ultima multiphoton imaging technology is a direct result decades of close collaboration and laboratory experience with leading neuroscientists around the world. The involvement of these experts has led to a host of unique capabilities and features found only on Ultima systems, such as their modular setup, incorporated photostimulation light path, and feature-rich Prairie View Software.

Compared to confocal technology, multiphoton imaging allows deeper imaging into tissue, making it the technique of choice for thicker tissue specimens, such as brain slices or tumor or lymph node explants, as well as intravital research of small animal models. In addition to 2-photon imaging, Bruker has pioneered the use of 2-photon techniques for photoactivation and photostimulation. Optical configurations allowing the use of fast pulsed IR lasers provide the ability to perform photoactivation and photostimulation with precise 3D localization. The open architecture of Ultima systems provides the flexibility required to meet the widest range of application requirements, while delivering the capability for easy future upgrades.

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Ultima IntraVital 2 photon microscope

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Ultima IntraVital

A Complete Optical Workstation designed specifically for In Vivo Multiphoton Imaging, featuring simultaneous imaging and photoactivation.

Ultima IntraVital, Bruker’s flagship system for multiphoton imaging, is designed for high-speed live animal imaging, and includes an optional orbital nosepiece, a resonant scanner, and optogenetics modules.

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Ultima In Vitro

Simultaneous imaging, electrophysiology and uncaging/photostimulation provides a complete stimulus/recording environment for today's neuroscientist.

Ultima In Vitro 2-photon imaging system is available as either an upright or an inverted microscope, with optional photoactivation, and electrophysiology recording.

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Ultima Investigator

High-resolution, high-speed, high-sensitivity deep imaging providing the ultimate value for smaller labs and additional imaging bandwidth in larger labs.

Ultima Investigator features an economical base system specifically optimized for in vivo 2-photon imaging studies and is designed for add-on flexibility with a host of specialized options.

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