Ultima In Vitro Options

Resonant Scanner

  • Provides high-speed acquisition of 30 fps at 512 x 512

  • Relayed beam path utilizing X and Y galvos enables ROIs in X and Y, which enables panning of ROIs and higher S/N ratio

  • Can be used with photostimulation path for simultaneous high-speed imaging and stimulation

Photostimulation Path

  • Provides capability for simultaneous photostimulation or uncaging with imaging

  • Available for fast pulsed IR, UV or visible laser inputs

  • Precise synchronization with image and external triggers

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM)

  • Provides FLIM acquisition integrated with all raster scan galvo modes and ROIs

  • Enables the inclusion of FLIM experiments in Z and T-Series

Piezo Focus

  • Provides high-speed z-positioning with .05 μm accuracy

  • Focus over a 150 μm range

  • Unique calibration enables continuous movement for no dead-time during z-series acquisitions

Dual-Wavelength Module

  • Provides hardware and software components for imaging with two different multiphoton wavelengths simultaneously (with two lasers)

  • Software options allow for interlaced or simultaneous excitation scanning

  • Enables excitation of multiple probes with different excitation wavelengths without down-time for laser tuning

Full-Field Optical Input/Output Module

  • Provides full-field access to the imaging axis for light stimulus introduction or widefield imaging

  • Variable zoom capability