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Elute LC series - Ultimate precision for mass spectrometric applications

Developed for highest reproducibility in retention time and peak shape, the new Bruker Elute HPLC systems are available in a variety of configurations to match your individual analytical LC-MS requirements.

Elute LC series

The heart of the Bruker Elute series of ultra-high performance liquid chromatography systems (UHPLC) are binary linear driven pumps that deliver virtually pulse-free, reproducible flow rates with a unique accuracy that will generate total confidence in your results.
Tailored to your applications, we provide a variety of complete liquid chromatography systems ready to start fulfilling your mass spectrometric demands:

  • Built for any routine lab applications the Elute SP offers standard 700 bar performance at a market-leading price/performance ratio.
  • The Elute UHPLC delivers high-end, 1300 bar performance for ultrafast LC-MS/MS applications. 

If your lab needs to combine on-line extraction with powerful UHPLC applications the Elute OLE UHPLC system is the perfect solution. 

For any demanding front end sample preparation steps the Elute HT, paired with the new PAL3 high throughput autosampler, is the ideal choice.  

Delivering maximum uptime - built for the routine lab

All Elute systems are designed to minimize gradient delay volume providing you with the benefit of shortest run-to-run times, saving your time in daily routine. Furthermore, the Elute binary high pressure mixing pump comes with an active piston backwash extending the lifetime of the pistons seals and therefore increasing your productivity and reducing costs of ownership.

LC-MS system

If you need high sample throughput on the EVOQ LC-TQ System, or need high flexibility for your LC-MS research methods on a Bruker impact II or compact QTOF, a fast exchange of solvents and switching to different LC-MS methods is beneficial. Whatever the case, Elute systems are your ideal partner in the laboratory to ensure flexibility as they can be equipped with different options such as column switching and selecting up to six different eluents.




For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.