rapiflex MALDI PharmaPulse

rapifleX MALDI PharmaPulse® - Technical Details

The all new rapifleX MALDI Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer is the heart of the MALDI PharmaPulse: it is the only MALDI mass spectrometer with 10 kHz scanning laser technology and measures up to 10 samples per second. All components of the system work in concert for fully automatic HTS operation. The newly designed screening software suite supports HTS workflows and works in combination with a proprietary assay development module which empowers assay developer to accelerate label-free assay development for MALDI Mass Spectrometry.

PharmaPulse Solution

The PharmaPulse Solution is based on Bruker´s advanced MALDI TOF technology and on a dedicated software package. Ease of use and time to result were key drivers during the development resulting
in an intuitive but yet powerful software solution to measure and analyze millions of samples in full automation. Two workflows guide the user from adapting an assay to MALDI mass spectrometry to
readily exported results for further analysis in LIMS systems.

method development workflow
rapifleX MALDI Pharma Pulse

Our value we bring to Drug Discovery: 

Robustness to analyze 2-3 million samples without intervention 

  • New source and ion optical design
  •  No source/ion optic cleaning within primary screens
  •  Easy & fast cleaning if required

Compatible with CyBio®-Well vario with 384 or 1536 channel simultaneous pipettor for high precision and ultra-fast sample plate preparation

Single digit cost per sample 

  • No solvent, no waste, no labeling
  • 0.025 to 1 μL sample volume
  • Low cost disposable sample plates 

Fully automatic 1536 sample plate change 

  • New ultra-fast autoloader seamlessly integrable with common robot systems
  • Rugged design tailored for uHTS operation


New disposable MALDI HTS sample plates 

  • Fulfills all requirements for reliable MALDI ionization
  • Suitable for 384, 1536, 3072 or 6144 geometries

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.