rapifleX Tissuetyper

rapifleX™ MALDI Tissuetyper™

Customer Quotes

“The ideal imaging MS system needs high data acquisition speeds,
high spatial resolution capabilities, and high mass resolving power.
With this new system, Bruker re-imagined the MALDI source and laser
optics to deliver very impressive performance and information throughput.
This is a revolutionary instrument which has the potential
to significantly improve sample throughput and offer useful information
in real time in clinical research.”

Dr. Pierre Chaurand, Associate Professor, Université de Montréal,

“Translational clinically oriented research with imaging mass spectro
metry is critically dependent on speed and robust operation. Current
instrumentation is limiting its full adaptation. The rapifleX MALDI Tissuetyper
allows us to finally overcome that limitation. It enables us to
engage in high throughput clinical studies and establishes mass
spectrometry imaging as a powerful and reliable information source
for personalized medicine research.“

Dr. Ron M.A. Heeren, Director M4I, Maastricht University,
The Netherlands

“The analysis of tumor heterogeneity is one of the most important
biomedical research challenges in oncology and personalized medicine.
MALDI imaging is perfectly suited to get an unbiased molecular
view on tumor heterogeneity. The speed and performance of the
rapifleX MALDI Tissuetyper gives us for the first time the possibility
to analyze even large tumor specimen over huge patient cohorts
with sufficient spatial resolution to get a comprehensive understanding
of tumor heterogeneity. “

Dr. Axel Walch, Institute of Pathology, Helmholtz-Centre Munich,

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.