Sensitivity boost for solid-state NMR

As the market leader, Bruker introduces the world’s first commercially available solid-state dynamic nuclear polarization-enhanced NMR system (DNP-NMR)

Bruker’s 263, 395 and 527 GHz DNP-NMR Spectrometers are the world’s first commercially available solid-state dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP-NMR) systems . All DNP-NMR spectrometers enable extended solid-state NMR experiments with unsurpassed sensitivity for exciting new applications in biomolecular research, material science, and pharmaceuticals. The Bruker DNP spectrometers have a proven record of performance over 25 systems installed worldwide. 

Signal enhancements from 20 to a factor of 200, driven by microwave irradiation to transfer polarization from unpaired electron spins to nuclear spins. The unique high power gyrotron systems, delivering microwaves at 263 GHz,395 GHz, and 527 GHz are robust, safe and easy-to-use, enabling long term DNP experiments without time limitations. 

DNP Boltzmann Polarization

DNP samples are prepared by adding a polarizing agent or exploiting a native radical on the sample of interest. Experiments are performed at a low temperature of ~100 K with continuous microwave irradiations and benefit from the innovative low-temperature MAS probe that enables sample polarization in-situ, directly at the NMR field.

  • Turn-key solution for DNP-enhanced solids NMR experiments at high field
  • Polarization enhancement yields factor up to 200 gain in sensitivity for solid-state NMR
  • Unique high power microwave sources
  • Easy-to-use software-controlled high power gyrotron
  • Optimum beam propagation to the sample ensured by microwave transmission lines
  • Low-temperature MAS probe technology with built-in waveguide and cold spinning gas supply
  • AVANCE™ III HD 400, 600 and 800 wide bore NMR system with sweep coils

Moving beyond the horizon of possibility

Development and Commercialization of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) with Professor Robert Griffin.