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Actively Refrigerated NMR Magnets

Novel NMR Magnet System Provides Unmatched Convenience and Independence from Cryogen Supply

Available in 400 MHz up to 950 MHz

Responding to worldwide concerns regarding helium shortages and the rising costs of helium due to shortages, Bruker developed the Ascend Aeon series of magnets.

Featuring active-shielding technology with Bruker’s advanced, proprietary refrigeration designs, these magnets integrate low-vibration cryocoolers. This unique technology enables long-term, care-free operation without compromising NMR performance. By eliminating the need for frequent helium and nitrogen refills, the Ascend Aeon magnets maximize efficiency and reduce magnet downtime.

Extended to Wide Bore Magnets

Active refrigeration is also extended to wide bore magnets (89 mm), from 400 MHz up to 800 MHz, offering the same benefits and convenience.



Ascend Aeon 950 MHz

The world’s first single-story 950 MHz NMR magnet was installed at the Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology at University of Leeds. Dr. Alex Breeze, Professor of Biomolecular NMR at the University of Leeds, stated: “We are tremendously excited by our new Aeon 950 MHz instrument, which will be complemented with cutting-edge cryo-electron microscopy and other structural biology techniques. In particular, the combination of 950 MHz field strength and the novel direct-detection capabilities of the latest CryoProbes allow us to access critical structural and dynamic information on important biological systems and medically relevant targets with optimum sensitivity and resolution. Indeed, we have already obtained impressive 1H-15N TROSY data on unlabeled proteins at natural isotopic abundance expressed in mammalian cells on our new 950 MHz system.”

Ascend Aeon 900

Introducing the world’s first compact, single-story 900 MHz NMR magnet for high-resolution protein NMR. Recent installation was completed at the Research Center for Bio-Macromolecules at the University of Bayreuth, Germany.

Professor Paul Rösch, Director, stated: “Our new Ascend Aeon 900 magnet enables long-term, helium consumption-free operation without user maintenance. The reduced height and stray fields of this novel, compact, ultra-high field magnet, maximize siting flexibility and thus reduce laboratory space costs. From our perspective both factors are key requirements to further grow the adoption of ultra-high field NMR in biology, and also to expand into clinical research. We’re very pleased with the stability and the performance of our new Ascend Aeon 900 magnet.”