FAQ’s about Free TopSpin


Q: Who can use the free TopSpin Processing version?

A: The free topspin processing is for academic, governmental and non-profit institutions.

Q: How do I get the free version?

A: Go to this page:, register and/or log in and on the next page download your copy of the installation package.

Q: Can the installation package be distributed to colleagues in my institution?

A: While there is no physical limitation to sharing the installation package, Bruker prefers that every users registers and downloads her or his own copy. This way we have a record of who the users are and we can notify them of updates and changes to the program.

Q: How long is this version valid?

A: The academic license for Topspin 4 will be valid for a period 15 years. The academic version of Topspin3.5 will expire on March 31. 2019. Before this date users are encouraged to switch to Topspin 4.

Content of academic version

Q: Does the free TopSpin Processing include NUS processing?

A: Yes the NUS processing method that is included for free in the regular Topspin software is also available in the academic version.

Q: Does the free Topspin Processing version include NMR Guide?

A: Yes.

Q: Does the free Topspin Processing version include NMR-Sim?

A: Yes.

Q: Is CMC-Assist included in the free Topspin processing version?

A: No, but a license for this program can easily be acquired here:  CMC-Assist is also available for free on spectrometers running Topspin 3.5pl.7 or Topspin 4.

Q: Is the Structure Elucidation package included?

A: No, a license can be acquired here:  It is also available for free for 1 year on spectrometers purchased after March 2017.

Upgrades and Transfers

Q: I am a qualified customer and want to upgrade from a previous version of Topspin Processing or transfer my license from an old computer?

A: Please visit the download page above and install the latest version of Topspin

Q: I prefer Topspin3.5, Topspin3.2 or Topspin2.6 over Topspin4?

A: Only Topspin3.5 pl 7 is available in this free version in additon to Topspin4. You can continue to use your current version but no transfers or updates are available.

Q: I still have a Windows XP or Windows Vista workstation and would like to use the free version?

A: Only Topspin4 and Topspin3.5 pl 7 is available in this free version. This version is supported for Windows 7 or 10, MacOSX and CentOS linux

Q: I am a qualified customer and  purchased  20 processing licenses with the instrument 1/1/2016 but  have  only requested 10 of these licenses?

A: These remaining licenses can be used for Topspin versions older than Topspin3.5 or Topspin4 or you can get as many free topspin licenses as they want.

Q: I have an academic $99.00 license for Topspin3.2 can I extend it?

A: Only Topspin4 and Topspin3.5 pl 7 are available in these free versions.

Q: Can  I download multiple versions of free Topspin, for example for Mac and Windows and use them concurrently?

A: Yes no problem. Multiple license tickets must be obtained.

Q: I am still running the free version of Topspin 3.5 patchlevel 6

A: This version will expire on July 31 2017. Please visit the download site and get the latest version


For faster and better support, please have all details such as error messages ready.

Q: I am having trouble with the Installation, who do I contact?

A: For Europe, please send an email request to
For Americas, please send email request to or visit us on the web for more support options

Q: Is documentation such as manuals included with the free version?

A: A comprehensive set of manuals for all included applications is part of the version. More manuals can be found here.

Q: Where can I find additional resources?

A: With the login you have or created for the download of Topspin you have access to our knowledge base