CryoProbe Flow Conversion System

To add versatility to our CryoProbe product line we offer the CryoFIT™ accessory that enables the conversion of a tube based CryoProbe to a flow-through CryoProbe.

The change-over operation takes about 15 minutes and occurs with the CryoProbe in the magnet and cold. A variety of cells and capillary sizes are available. The addition of a CryoFIT to any CryoProbe results in a versatile system with remarkable sensitivity, capable of operating with either samples in tubes, or operating in flow-mode for LC-applications or FI-applications.

The CryoFIT offers the following advantages:

  • No loss of performance in either tube or flow operation.
  • Quick conversion from tube to flow and back in just a few minutes.
  • The CryoFIT can be inserted while CryoProbes remain cold in the magnet. No down-time for warm up/cool down required!
  • CryoFIT is available for 5-mm standard CryoProbes as well as Prodigy CryoProbes from 300-900 MHz.
  • The CryoFIT can be used with all Bruker sample changers (SampleXpress, SampleJet, SampleCase as well as older models such as BACS).
  • Flow cells are available with 30, 60 and 120 µl active NMR volume.