Large variety of high-resolution flow NMR probes

LC probes for chromatography and FI probes optimized for high sample throughput.

Bruker has developed a variety of high-resolution flow NMR probes:

  • LC probes with optimized flow cell size for chromatographic peaks and minimized band broadening during sample transfer.
  • FI probes optimized for high sample throughput.

Both types of flow probes have a built-in NMR flow cell, which delivers the following advantages:

  • The geometry of the RF coils, together with a fixed flow cell, provide higher NMR sensitivity in comparison to standard tube probes due to an improved filling factor.
  • Sample preparation like shimming is minimized or even not necessary, as only the sample solution itself is exchanged.
  • Preparation of samples in NMR tubes is no longer necessary, eliminating consumption of expensive NMR tubes.

The seamless link of the flow probe to a chromatography system or a liquid handler allows for direct transfer of the sample into the NMR probe. This direct transfer offers:

  • Minimized sample handling and thus minimized danger of contamination and decomposition of samples.
  • Highest speed and level of automation from sample preparation to NMR measurement.
  • The probe is the only modification necessary to convert a standard NMR spectrometer for flow applications and backwards. The probe change can be done in minutes.