Boron NMR

11B-NMR spectra2D COSY

Boron is a common element used in inorganic and organic compounds. The spectra of decaborane show 11B-NMR spectra with and without proton decoupling. The 2D COSY was recorded in just a few minutes.

Structure Verification and Elucidation

Structure Verification and Elucidation
15N detection experiments and structural work

Structure verification and determination require high quality spectra, which are characterized by excellent lineshape for all nuclei and high sensitivity for all experiments. Well balanced rf channels and matched B1 homogeneity of all coils are a prerequisite, if best sensitivity is to be obtained for any type of application. Excellent solvent suppression enables applications in water, like biomolecular experiments and metabonomic studies.

Fluorine NMR

19F, 1H HMBC Experiment
1 mg/ml fluorouracil 19F, 1H HMBC: 2 min
19F, 1H HOESY and HMBC experiment
1 mg/ml fluorouracil 19F, 1H HOESY and 19F, 1H HMBC

Fluorine is an element found in many pharmaceutical compounds. Essential structural parameters are accessible with heteronuclear NOE experiments, like the HOESY experiment. Fluorine is also used as a spy for studies of the metabolism of active agents, and for enzymatic HTS screening.

(Top) 19F, 1H HMBC Experiment of cytostaticum fluorurazil. The correlation shows a spatial neighbourhood to the proton of the heterocycle.

(Bottom) Comparison of the 19F, 1H HOESY and HMBC experiment. While the HOESY spectrum has a correlation to the proton of the heterocycle, the HMBC shows a correlation to the NH protons.