AVANCE NEO NanoBay - upgrade package

Upgrades for CCU/2 & CCU/3 with 5m Flexline and 4 Support Posts

CryoCooling Unit, Generation 5 (CCU/5)

Part Numbers2019 USD Price
Z159073 & Z125059 X 4$124,190

Complete CryoPlatform Upgrade Indoor Water-Cooled Compressor and CCU/5

Part Numbers2019 USD Price
BH1410-01 & Z125059 X 4$ 166,520

Complete CryoPlatform Upgrade Outdoor Air-Cooled Compressor and CCU/5

Part Numbers2019 USD Price
BH1410-01, BH0412 & Z125059 X 4$ 189,025

Optional Bruker Smart Nitrogen Liquifier (BSNL)*

Option Number2019 USD Price
BH1552                                                        $46,425

Prices, above, reflect standard Flexlines (6m indoors, 10m outdoors). Longer Flexlines available (ask us about prices)

BNSL Upgrade

* The optional BSNL can be included with the CryoCooling Unit upgrade, above. Or added at a later.

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