Opterra Multipoint Confocal


High Resolution XRD (HRXRD) system for epilayers

The JV-QC3 is the latest model in the long-established and well-proven QC range of High Resolution X-ray diffractometers, with over a 20-year pedigree, and hundreds in use around the world in compound semiconductor and silicon-germanium research and manufacturing facilities. It is a high resolution X-ray diffraction tool that is ideal for semiconductor development and quality control. It is used for the measurement of composition and thickness in epitaxial layers of almost any material. The system uses standard sealed tube optics, combined with a variety of beam conditioning crystals that can be optimized to give the highest combination of resolution and intensity for each application. 

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JV QC3 product image v1
JV QC3 graph v1

The QC3 offers true automated operation, with straight-forward horizontal sample mounting, and fully automated alignment, measurements, and data analysis. Data analysis can be performed automatically, or offline using our popular RADS software. The sample stage has a full 300mm of travel, allowing for measurements of large wafers, or several smaller wafers simultaneously. An optional robot handler is available for automated loading and measurement from cassette. It is the ideal tool for routine analysis of semiconductor substrates, epilayer structures and processed device wafers for all compound semiconductor materials.