Semiconductor Metrology JVX7300


In-fab R&D and in-line production process monitoring of semiconductors materials


The JVX7300LSI was designed for in-fab R&D and in-line production process monitoring of semiconductors materials. It enables fully automated characterisation of many advanced materials in the semiconductor industry.The standard configuration is the JVX7300L, which implements Scanning HRXRD, XRR, XRD, GI-XRD and WA-XRD. Featuring fully automated source optics, the system can switch between standard XRD, High-Resolution, and X-ray reflectivity modes without user intervention, even within the same recipe batch. Full automation of the alignment, measurement, analysis and reporting of the results ensures productive and fast characterisation of thin films. To allow in-plane XRD measurements, the optional I channel can be added.

JVX7300 family v1
JVX7300lsi blue image v3

Upgradable to S-Channel for HRXRD of patterned structures

For HRXRD of patterned structures, the S channel can be added. This provides a high resolution beam of 50µm x 50µm at the sample, along with full pattern recognition, and allows the measurement of test structures on patterned wafers.

Key Applications:

  • FinFET characterization, including epilayers
  • III-V on Si for future node development
  • GaN on Si for power transistors
  • High-K thickness, density and crystallinity

All applications are enabled by our comprehensive analytical software suite for analysis, simulation & fit

JVX7300lsi graph v2