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A Better Solution for Advanced IC Packaging Metrology

AdvancedPackagingImage1 350x350
3D view of redistribution layer (RDL) features (0.44mm Image)

Integrated circuit (IC) chip packaging technology has been advancing at a fast pace, with smart mobile devices driving down the form factor, and cloud computing driving up performance requirements, such as processing speed. Similarly, the semiconductor industry also is seeking ways to increase yield and lower costs. Traditional 2D metrology is no longer adequate for process development or process control for many of wafer level packaging (WLP) schemes, such as fan-out wafer level packaging (FO-WLP), fan-in wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP), flip-chip, and other 2.5D or 3D packaging technologies. 

Bruker’s white light interferometry-based Contour 3D optical metrology systems produce the critical 3D geometric measurements needed for advanced IC packaging applications, and provide:

  •  Unmatched system performance and stability for repeatable and reproducible measurements
  •  Automated high-speed data acquisition and processing for fastest throughput
  • Versatile wafer handling for both flat and warped silicon or eWLB wafers 
ADvancedPackagingImage2 350x350
3D view under bump metal (UBM) features (1.24mm image)

A few examples of Contour systems’ measurement capabilities include…

  • Redistribution layer (RDL) feature measurements
  • Polyimide film thickness and surface roughness
  • Under bump metal (UBM) critical dimensions
  • Through silicon via (TSV) depth and top CD
  • Micro-bumps / Copper pillars height, diameter, and pitch

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