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Metrology Solution for MEMS Manufacturing

Manufacturers of MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) rely on trustable metrology systems to control their processes and to verify how their products will perform.  Accurate measurements of the geometries and surfaces in the various MEMS manufacturing processes are crucial to achieving the desired performance of the devices, such as sensors, actuators, RF-MEMS and microfluidics. The wide variety of MEMS devices in development and production requires very flexible metrology for single-platform characterization.


MEMS 265x265

Bruker’s Contour series 3D optical microscopes, fortunately, are flexible enough to meet most MEMS measurement needs. The high-speed, non-contact measurement method based on Bruker’s industry-leading white light interferometry technology allows both large lateral and vertical ranges with nanometer-level vertical resolution and unmatched data repeatability and reproducibility.  Further, the ContourGT-X metrology system comes with the option to add a fully integrated wafer handler to achieve the ultimate automation solution.   

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