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Greatest Productivity Seen on Any AFM

  • FastScan Bio enables high-speed scanning, in conjunction with a seamless user interface for panning, zooming and continuous tracking of samples in fluid to render faster results
  • A single-scan speed slider facilitates immediate access to scan rate control without the complexity of multiparametric adjustment
  • On-board data and image manipulation tools present final data as high-resolution AFM images or experiment session movies

Immediate Path to Data Collection on Live Samples

  • Smart Engage algorithms take ambiguity out of the experiment process and provide flexibility for commercially available or custom-made probes
  • User interface controls automate laser and detector alignment with a comprehensive workflow for faster time to data
  • Quick sample engaging and immediate imaging are routine

More Options to Optimize Biological AFM Experiments

  • Innovative FastScan AFM technology enables high-speed scanning and a seamless user interface to render immediate panning, zooming and continuous tracking of samples in fluid
  • FastScan Bio AFM allows direct visualization of biomolecules with an unprecedented combination of spatial and time resolution
FastScan Bio product close-up