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Designed for Performance

The legendary performance and reliability of the MultiMode platform is the result of both its superior mechanical design and the industry’s lowest noise control electronics. It incorporates all the latest technology advances in the smallest footprint and mechanical loop available in a commercial AFM. With more information at higher resolution, the result is Bruker’s unmatched AFM publication record.

Faster and More Productive

  • The NEW high-speed ScanAsyst-HR is now available, enabling fast scanning on the MultiMode 8-HR AFM system
  • 20X faster survey scan rates and up to 6X faster scans with no loss of resolution

Versatility to Satisfy More Applications

  • The MultiMode 8-HR AFM is equally well suited for imaging in both air and fluid
  • Heating to 250°C, cooling to -35°C with temperature control accessories
  • Nanothermal analysis for local polymer phase transition temperatures up to 350°C.
  • Atomic resolution electrochemistry with AFM, STM, and unique SECPM
  • Invent your own mode by accessing and modifying any signal, high or low voltage
  • A large variety of standard operating modes and many unique capabilities enable the MultiMode 8-HR AFM system to characterize everything from mechanical to electrical properties

Easier Expert-Quality Results

  • Bruker's proprietary ScanAsyst atomic force microscopy scan technology mode offers automatic image optimization, continuously adjust scan rate, setpoint and gains to obtain the highest quality image and to deliver faster, more consistent results
  • Imaging in fluid has never been easier with no need for cantilever tuning and with ScanAsyst continuously monitoring the tip-sample interaction force, thereby eliminating setpoint drift
  • Routinely resolve molecular structure such as the double helix structure of DNA with pN force control and NEW high-resolution Bruker probes

Exclusive & Powerful Quantitative Imaging Modes

  • Bruker’s proprietary PeakForce Tapping, the first and only AFM mode to resolve single molecular defects in air
  • PeakForce QNM enables direct mapping of nanomechanical properties, including elastic modulus, adhesion and dissipation, at atomic resolution and normal scan rates
  • PeakForce TUNA™ enables quantitative conductivity mapping on delicate samples that can't be imaged with conventional conductive AFM
  • NEW FastForce Volume mode for force mapping from sub-Hz to >100Hz rates, complementing PeakForce QNM
MultiMode 8-HR glovebox
Turnkey glovebox integration with guaranteed <1ppm oxygen and water levels. Fully maintains system performance specifications and enables all modes. Ideal for battery research.