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Thin Films and Coatings

Optimizing Thin Film and Coating Performance through Quantitative Nanomechanical and Nanotribological Characterization

Thin films and coatings are utilized for a broad range of applications to provide a specific performance characteristic to the products being developed. Each thin film and coating system has its own set of challenges in terms of materials and process development, integration, and materials characterization. Some industries, such as magnetic storage media and semiconductor devices, utilize ultra-thin films that require industry-leading noise floors for quantitative analysis. Other industries, including corrosion and wear protective coatings, utilize thicker coatings and require localized property measurements to be able to understand and engineer the next level of performance.

Bruker's Hysitron instruments specialize in thin film and coating characterization and has developed numerous technologies to enable continued advancement in these materials. Whether you need to measure the mechanical properties of ultra-thin films, the tribological properties of wear resistant coatings at elevated temperatures, or the depth-dependent viscoelastic properties of polymeric coatings, Bruker has nanoscale-to-microscale characterization technologies to meet your specific testing requirements.

Optimize Thin Films and Coatings

Ultra-Thin Films | Bruker

Ultra-Thin Films (<50nm)

<50nm nominal thickness.

Thin Films | Bruker

Thin Films (50nm-500nm)

50nm to 500nm nominal thickness.

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Films (500nm-5μm)

500nm to 5µm nominal thickness.

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Coatings (>5μm)

>5µm nominal thickness.