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Viscoelastic Properties

Quantitative Viscoelastic Property Characterization at the Nanoscale

Dynamic nanoindentation techniques are required to measure the viscoelastic properties of small volumes of material and localized regions of sample surfaces. Viscoelastic materials exhibit a creep response during standard quasi-static nanoindentation measurements, making it unreliable to utilize quasi-static techniques and models to calculate elastic properties of these materials. Dynamic nanoindentation provides the ability to characterize the combined elastic and viscous components of the material deformation response for quantitative characterization of amorphous polymers, semicrystalline polymers, biopolymers, and biological tissues.

Bruker’s nanoDMA III is a powerful dynamic nanoindentation technique developed specifically for quantitative viscoelastic property characterization. During a dynamic nanoindentation test, an oscillatory force is us superimposed over the quasi-static loading profile of the measurement. By continuously monitoring the resulting displacement amplitude and phase lag of the material’s response, quantitative measurement of storage modulus, loss modulus, and tan-delta can be achieved as a function of testing frequency. Combined with one of Bruker’s temperature control stages, time-temperature-transformation studies can be performed at the nanoscale.

Standalone Equipment for Viscoelastic Property Characterization

Hysitron TI 980 TriboIndenter | Bruker

TI 980 TriboIndenter

Bruker's most advanced nanomechanical and nanotribological test instrument, operating at the intersection of maximum performance, flexibility, reliability, sensitivity and speed.

Hysitron TI Premier | Bruker

TI Premier

Versatile nanomechanical and nanotribological test instrument, supporting a broad range of hybrid and correlative characterization techniques.

Hysitron TS 77 Select Nanoindenter | Bruker

TS 77 Select

Dedicated nanomechanical test instruments, providing an essential toolkit of core nanoscale mechanical characterization techniques.

Microscope Instruments for Viscoelastic Property Characterization

Hysitron TS 75 TriboScope | Bruker

TS 75 TriboScope

Quantitative, rigid-probe nanoindentation and nanotribological characterization on your existing AFM.

Hysitron PI 8X SEM PicoIndenter BRUKER

PI 89 SEM PicoIndenter

Bruker’s comprehensive in-situ nanomechanical test instrument for SEM and FIB/SEM, featuring our full suite of techniques.

Hysitron PI 95 TEM PicoIndenter | Bruker

PI 95 TEM PicoIndenter

The first full-fledged depth-sensing indenter capable of direct-observation nanomechanical testing inside a transmission electron microscope (TEM).