Electron Microscope Analyzers

Bruker Nano Analytics

Bruker presents a unique range of analytical tools for materials characterization in electron microscopes.

The electron microscope analyzers EDS for SEM and TEM, WDS, EBSD and Micro-XRF on SEM offer the most comprehensive compositional and structural analysis. The full integration of all these techniques into the ESPRIT 2 software suite allows researchers to easily combine data obtained by these complementary methods.

The OPTIMUS TKD detector head enables Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction analysis (TKD) in SEM, while the ESPRIT QUBE software delivers the most advanced analytical results in 3D visualization and post-processing of data acquired with EBSD and/or EDS. AMICS is the latest software package for automated identification and characterization of mineral and synthetic phases.

In addition, the newly introduced Hysitron PicoIndenters for SEM and TEM enable the quantitative measurement of nanomechanical properties, including hardness, modulus, and yield strength, which are correlated to the live imaging of material deformation provided by the host microscope.

Besides this unparalleled range of analytical tools for electron microscopes, Bruker also offers a variety of X-ray fluorescence micro analyzers for spatially resolved composition analysis and for trace element analysis for a multitude of applications in industry and research.

As a pioneer in instrumentation for X-ray micro- and nano-analysis, Bruker delivers to you innovative high-performance technology. With our worldwide network of application specialists and customer support centers we are always close to your analytical needs.

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