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EDS for SEM Applications

Demonstrating Versatility in EDS Analysis

Learn how QUANTAX EDS with the ESPRIT software can help you to accomplish even the most challenging analyses. The following examples are categorized according to most common analytical tasks.

Quantitative analysis

Quantification results table
Quantification results of a
stainless steel sample
analyzed with Bruker's
hybrid quantification

The quantification of EDS spectra is one of the most important tasks. ESPRIT permits accurate analysis either truly standardlessly, standard-based or as unique hybrid quantification. Excellent results can even be obtained in the light element and low energy range and in analysing rough samples.

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Large area and high resolution mapping and spectral imaging

Map of an Oceanic Drill Core
Section of a large scale
map of an oceanic drill core
showing mineral zonation

The mapping capabilities are one of the strengths of QUANTAX, offering high speed, high spatial resolution and large area analysis. The examples demonstrate these capabilities for different materials, ranging from hightech ceramics to oceanic drill cores.

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Chemical phase analysis

Phase Map of a Ternary Super Alloy
Chemical phase map
of a ternary super alloy
containing Al, Ru and Pt

Phase analysis is a very useful tool to gain more insight into the composition of heterogeneous samples. Apart from element mapping for this purpose this section also looks at applications of the ESPRIT Autophase tool.

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Feature or particle analysis

Gunshot Residue Particle
A gunshot residue particle
determined by Bruker
GSR Professional

ESPRIT provides the option "Feature" for general particle analysis and chemical classification. Dedicated applications are also available, such as QUANTAX 400 STEEL for steel cleanliness analysis and GSR Professional for gunshot residue analysis.

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Thin film analysis

Thin layers present a special challenge to EDS analysis on the SEM. Nevertheless, with the advances in micro- and nanotechnology, that make frequent use of these structures, their accurate composition and thickness determination becomes increasingly important.

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