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QUANTAX with XFlash® 6

Excellence in X-ray Analysis on the Electron Microscope

Icon Detector Areas

Wide range of detector sizes

• 10, 30, 60 and 100 mm2 area detectors offer ideal solutions for microanalysis and nanoanalysis

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Icon Energy Resolution

Best energy resolution for light element and low energy analysis

• 121 eV limited edition
• 123 eV ultimate
• 126 eV premium
• 129 eV standard
• All resolutions specified exceeding ISO 15632:2012

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Icon High Speed Pulse Processing

Ultra high throughput for fastest measurements

• New signal processing unit with hybrid technology
• Over 1,500 kcps input count rate
• Up to 600 kcps output count rate

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Icon Slim-line Detector Technology

Slim-line detector technology for even more counts and lower beam currents

• Shortest detector to sample distances for maximum solid angle in SEM, FIB-SEM and microprobe

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Icon Compact and Light-weight Design

Compact design and low weight

• High precision slider with fully integrated motor for precise positioning
• Improved heat sink geometry for stable measurement conditions
• Maximum detector weight of 3.75 kg

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