Maximum Efficiency in X-ray Detection

Tip of the XFlash® FlatQUAD
Tip of the XFlash®

QUANTAX FlatQUAD is the EDS microanalysis system based on the revolutionary XFlash® FlatQUAD. This annular four-channel silicon drift detector is inserted between SEM pole piece and sample, achieving maximum solid angle in EDS. In combination with the ESPRIT analytical software suite QUANTAX FlatQUAD provides previously unheard of mapping performance, even for the most difficult samples.

Characteristics of the XFlash® FlatQUAD

The XFlash® FlatQUAD is a side entry detector. It is positioned between SEM pole piece and sample. The primary electron beam can pass through the center hole around which the four detector segments are arranged. The solid angle for radiation collection that can be achieved depends on the distance between detector and sample. It can be varied by using the Z drive of the SEM stage. A set of included electron absorbing polymer windows can be changed in situ.

Unique applications of the XFlash® Flat QUAD

The XFlash® FlatQUAD performs where conventional SDDs reach limitations:

  • Extremely fast mapping at highest output count rate, using only moderate beam currents
  • Analysis of beam-sensitive materials at low to extremely low beam currents (< 10 pA), e.g. of biological or semiconductor samples
  • Investigation of samples with topography, avoiding shadowing effects
  • Analysis of nanoparticles and nanostructures at low kV and highest magnification
  • Measurement of thin samples (e.g.TEM lamellae) and other specimens with low X-ray yield.