Micro-XRF on SEM

Combined Micro-XRF and EDS Quantification

Most Accurate Results

ESPRIT provides the option to use Micro-XRF and EDS quantification results simultaneously and the advantages of both methods come into effect. EDS provides reliable light element results, while Micro-XRF has its strengths in the medium to heavy element range with limits of detection down to 10 ppm. This means that the combined concentration calculation from EDS and Micro-XRF results, as offered by the analytical software suite, is of the highest quality attainable by energy-dispersive analysis.

This is demonstrated here with the analysis of a NIST 620 glass standard that contains several elements in traces. Interesting is that the Micro-XRF spectrum shows an element that is not mentioned in the standard's certificate.  A strontium (Sr) peak is clearly visible, the calculated concentration is 0.04 wt.%.