Gold Recovery with Handheld XRF

Gold recovery refers to the extraction of gold from being bound with some other material be it ore, computer parts, jewelry, dental work, or scrap metal to a form that is as close to pure gold as possible.  Regardless of the application, handheld XRF can greatly assist in first identifying the amount of gold in the product as well as determining if all of the gold has been extracted during the various stages of recovery.  Contact our team to learn more about how handheld XRF can improve your gold recovery process!

Below are various processes where handheld XRF has been successful in aiding in gold recovery:

Processes like wet chemistry can be destructive as well as considerably less accurate than handheld XRF.  The cost of an XRF analyzer is quickly recovered not only with the amount of time that is saved but also with the superior accuracy that can be obtained.  Having the advantage of being able to analyze in house allows one to take multiple analyses during each process of gold recovery.  This enables the user to make adjustments to their process to ensure that all of the gold is recovered.  This type of flexibility speeds things along at a galactic rate as opposed to taking samples to a lab, making adjustments, then taking samples back to the lab during each phase of the recovery process. Find out now how handheld XRF can improve your gold recovery process!

Take advantage of the benefits of handheld XRF analyzers:

  • Portability - take the instrument to the sample
  • Real-time analysis - instantaneous results
  • Non-destructive analysis – no damage or loss of sample
  • Easy to use AND accurate

Through Bruker’s commitment to innovation in XRF technology, handheld XRF is quickly catching up with laboratory instruments. Bruker Elemental provides lab quality handheld XRF guns for gold recovery as well as many other handheld XRF applications. To improve your gold recovery process, contact us today!

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