Be Your Own Mobile Mineral Lab!

Does your operation require a mobile mineral lab? Do you send samples to an offsite lab for analysis, only to wait days or even weeks to receive data? Do you depend on others for accurate mineral assay data? Stop waiting, and contact us today to learn how Bruker handheld mineral lab analyzers can let you be your own mobile mineral lab!


Bruker Mineral Laboratory Handheld XRF Analyzers

Bruker mineral lab analyzers are the ideal mineral assay tools both in the field and in the lab. Offering completely non-destructive elemental composition analysis, a Bruker mineral lab gun can analyze soil or geological samples in-situ, bagged, or fully prepared and cupped. With laboratory-quality sample preparation, Bruker mineral lab analyzers produce near laboratory quality data, allowing you to save significant time and money on sending samples to off-site labs or waiting for a mobile mineral lab to come to you.

The nearly instant mineral assay results provided by Bruker mobile mineral analyzers make it possible to allow data to guide your operations in real time, whether your task is exploration, drilling, etc. Bruker mineral lab analyzers have an analytical range of magnesium through uranium, can be calibrated for general or specific mineral assay tasks, and make both data acquisition and data interpretation fast and easy. Data is automatically stored on board and is downloadable to make data storage, manipulation, analysis, and reporting possible in only a few easy steps.

Contact the mineral assay and mineral lab experts at Bruker today to discuss your specific needs, and let us show you how to become your own mobile mineral lab!