S1 TITAN Service & Support


  • Support Programs flyer (0.3 MB .pdf file)

  • Bruker Toolbox software tools (16.5 MB .zip file)

  • S1 Data Tool demo version (230 MB .zip file) report generation software

    • Without a hardware key (dongle) the software runs in testmode, which means that it is not possible to print/save reports or export results to EXCEL/textfiles, and the number of database records is limited to 30!
    • To purchase a dongle and unlock the full functionality, please contact Bruker Elemental.
    • Download the ZIP file to your computer, unzip it into a folder on your harddisk, start setup.exe and follow the on screen instructions.
    • After starting the software, you have to enter a username and password.
      Username: admin
      Password: admin

Contact our Service Team

Please send us an email: support.hmp@bruker.com or complete our online contact form www.bruker.com/service-hmp



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