Q4 MOBILE, Mobile Spark Spectrometer, OES

Q4 MOBILE – Mobile Spark Spectrometer

Patented Optical System

  • Un-coated CCD detectors with lowest dark current
  • ClearSpectrum® technology for advanced spectra deconvolution
  • Active Ambient Compensation (AAC)

Analytical Solution Packages (ASP)

  • Different matrix calibration packages available for arc/spark
  • ASPs cover all major elements & alloy groups
  • Upgradable for future expansion

Source Generator

  • Maintenance-free, two phase PWM Generator
  • Low ripple ARC max. 5A
  • Frequency 50 to 1000 Hz (spark model)


  • Orthogonal Spark View / cable length 4m / 10m
  • Combined arc/spark probe with quick-change
  • Ultra-light probe (780 g)
  • Integrated display

Environmental Range

  • -10°C to 50°C, 14°F to 122°F


  • Intuitive Windows® based software with 12.1“ touch-screen for simple routine operation
  • Various user levels for secure and task-specific operations
  • Working modes for sorting, PMI, and quantitative analysis
  • Alloy library for grade definitions
  • SQL result database with various export formats


  • Power Supply: 80-230 V
  • 12 - 30 V DC, max. 260W, Power Management
  • Dimensions: 507x530x310 mm, 19.9x20.9x12.2" (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 24 kg (52.9 lbs.)