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S2 PUMA Series 2- Ceramics, Glass & Industrial Minerals

Ceramics & Glass & Industrial Minerals

Non-metallic materials such as industrial minerals are an important resource. They have been used for potteries and glass products and are still used there. But new technologies have found other uses for them. For those, however, stringent quality requirements have to be met.

High-purity silica is a base material for silicon wafers and a sought-after resource; magnesium carbonate of high quality is an important ingredient to a suite of high-end refractories.

The chemical compositions of these raw materials have to be carefully monitored, as impurities can result in unwished alterations in the end-product’s characteristics.

The S2 PUMA Series 2’s HighSense™ LE detector combines light element performance with high count rates and allows for analyses of low element concentrations even for light elements.

The GEO-QUANT Basic solution package is designed to make use of these unique detector advantages and enables the user to set-up a performing calibration for many geo-materials in no-time.