ParaVision Programming Course

Billerica, MA, United States

The ParaVision® Programming Course is dedicated to advanced users of Biospec,  PharmaScan and Icon systems willing to develop their own experimental methods. It is based on ParaVision 360 & PV7, however, users of version PV6.0.1 are also encouraged to participate.

The course will start with an introduction to the base-level spectrometer control, including the meaning of the acquisition parameters and pulse program commands. Several pulse programming examples will be developed by the participants.

Overview: MRI Training United States

The second part of the course, taking two full days, will be focused on programming of ParaVision® Methods (PVM). Method programming allows defining high-level interfaces to the experiments and is particularly interesting for users planning to install their experiments for routine laboratory work. Following an introduction to PVM the participants will be guided to develop several method examples of various levels of complexity. These will cover all important issues of PVM programming from simple parameter definitions to the usage of parameter groups and modules. New training units will be dedicated to programming of reconstruction tools within PVM methods and handling of navigators with the job-acquisition mode.

All pulse-programming and method-programming examples will be developed in small groups on data stations. The users will have the possibility to test their experiments remotely on a BioSpec system. The course material requires an elementary knowledge of ParaVision and basic skills in C-language programming.

The total number of class participants is limited to 12.

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