Introduction to Solid State NMR

Introduction into basic operation of NMR-spectrometers and administration of the spectrometer workstation

Formerly AVANCE I - Solids

This 4 day course is designed to introduce users to the use and administration of Topspin software as well as operation of the spectrometer. Topics covered include Topspin software installation for Windows and Linux operating systems, user administration, data management as well as experiment acquisition and processing. Computer use is encouraged during the lecture portions, in order to allow for hands-on use of the software.  Each lecture will be followed by a laboratory session in front of a spectrometer to apply theory to practice.  


Pre-requisite for this course is an understanding of basic concepts of NMR. Customers are encouraged to bring a laptop with them for hand-on processing during lecture.

Overview: NMR Training United States


  • Cryogen handling
  • Processing and plotting data
  • Sample preparation for 4 mm rotors
  • Setting up a CPMAS probe: 
    - Setting of the magic angle,
    - Determination of ninety degree pulses on 1H and 13C nuclei
    - Setup CPMAS with probe shimming
  • Setup standard 1D 13C CPMAS experiments for various spectral editing purposes
    - TOSS, 
    - Dipolar dephasing with and without TOSS, 
    - SELTICS, 
    - CPPI (negative CH2, Null CH and positive C and CH3) 
    -  Hahn echo experiment

  • Setup and run of pseudo 2D experiments like T1 relaxation experiments on X as well as on 1H nuclei.
    - Setup CPMAS for different nuclei, 29Si, 15N and 31P
    - 1D experiments for direct detect including solids echo experiment.
    - 2-dimentional structure elucidation experiments such as FSLG HECTOR