Bruker at ASMS 2016 - Press Releases and more


At ASMS 2016, we showcased innovative products and new analytical solutions for improved performance and customer experience. Designed to increase sensitivity, improve specificity, and maximize productivity, the new Bruker products introduced at ASMS 2016 include i.a. the new mass spectrometry technology platform timsTOF™ system, mass spectral library MetaboBASE Personal Libraryas well as the rapifleX™, the highest performance MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer.

Below you can read up about our new products:

Bruker introduces...




We are also very excited about how our colleagues and customers received our ASMS product launches. Click here for some of the Media Clippings: Select Science, Technology Networks, Genome Web, PharmaBiz.


Click here to see the interview by SelectScience with Dr Christian Bleiholder, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Florida State University, discussing how Bruker’s timsTOF™ system enables him to resolve different conformations of transport proteins to elucidate the role of chemokines in cells trafficking within the immune System.