Inorganics & Composites

Investigate the structure and characteristics of complex inorganic and composite materials at the nanoscale.

The macroscopic properties of many inorganic or composite materials are fundamentally linked to the characteristics of the material and its components at the nanoscale. Similarly, contaminants and imperfections in molecular structure can impact the behavior of the bulk material. Topographic atomic force microscopy imaging can determine aspects of composite and inorganic materials hidden to other techniques.

The true power of atomic force microscopy is in mapping contaminants, imperfections, or components in the absence of topographical changes. Bruker’s PhaseImagingTM technology enables qualitative differentiation of changes in material properties independent of topography. PeakForce QNM®, the revolutionary mode based on PeakForce TappingTM, provides a quantitative means to probe the material properties of composite and inorganic samples.