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Quantification for small and large molecule drug development

Comprehensive quantification capabilities for small and large molecule development - the New Drug Application (NDA) documentation required for approval - must tell a drug's whole story, from the results of early clinical tests, its formulation and how it behaves in the body, to details of manufacturing process and how it is packaged. Critical to every stage is the generation of quantitative data that stands up to regulatory scrutiny.

Challenges of quantification cover a wide range of applications - checking the concentration of ligands for screening, determining the potency of APIs, or assessing the in-situ yield of a chemical synthesis, for example - but in each case, fundamentals of analysis are consistent. Ideal technologies are non-destructive, accurate and robust without the need for extensive sample preparation, method development or complex standardisation.

NMR and EPR systems are inherently quantitative but, at the same time, also provide an unparalleled level of structural information. These factors are combined with innovation in software tools and automated operation that open access to the techniques to every lab scientist. The result is significantly simplified workflows and improved productivity across the development process.