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Bruker at APNMR

Bruker at APNMR 2019

We have a number of exciting activities happening at APNMR 2019 and we hope you join us for every one!

Bruker Pre-Symposium User Meeting

On behalf of Bruker Biospin group, we want to thank you for your presence at the Bruker Pre-symposium workshop at APNMR on July 3rd. We hope that you found the workshop informative and worthwhile.

Now you can download the presentations from this workshop.

  1. 19F NMR for fragment discovery
  2. Automation in Solid State NMR
  3. IVDr by NMR, the platform for Metabolic profiling New Release and Foodscreener update-Honey
  4. New NMR software tools for everyday use

Where and When

Bruker NMR Pre-Symposium User Meeting
July 3, 11:30 - 16:30



Bruker in the Expo Hall

July 3-6



Registration Bruker User Meeting at APNMR