2018 UK SPM Conference and Users Meeting

We would like to thank all the speakers, poster presenters and delegates for their participation in the 2018 Bruker UK SPM Conference and Users Meeting. Exciting new research was discussed by over 70 participants and it was particularly pleasing this year to have many contributions from researchers working with JPK BioAFM and Bruker/Anasys nanoIR platforms. Invited keynote presentations covered groundbreaking research that included:

  • Nanoscale IR characterisation of polymers and proteins
  • Magnetic & electrical characterisation of 2D materials , nanowires and magnetic thin films
  • Cell, bacteria  and tissue mechanics
  • Correlative microscopy methods including AFM FLIM
  • New AFM nDMA and 3D Datacube property mapping modes

The standard and presentation of the 14 entries in this year’s poster competition was exceptional. We would like to congratulate the 3 winners of the poster competition:

1st Prize: Xinyue Chen, University Sheffield
Mechanical Characterisation Of The Bone Microenvironment By Atomic Force Microscopy For Studying Breast Cancer Metastasis

2nd Prize: Clara Essman, University College London
Atomic force microscopy defines new health measures in C. elegans ageing

3rd Prize: Chetan Poudel, University of Cambridge
Correlative AFM-PLLIM in perovskite solar cells

Lively hands on workshops provided valuable  training for our customers and important feedback for Bruker to help prioritise future innovations. Most importantly, much fun was had throughout the event including the crazy AFM quiz, eBay Auction, Christmas Jumper competition and other unexpected surprises! We are really looking forward to welcoming everyone back next year.



The nanoIR3 is the latest generation nanoscale IR spectroscopy, chemical imaging, and property mapping system for both materials and life science applications.

  • True model free nanoscale IR absorption spectroscopy
  • 10nm resolution chemical imaging with Tapping AFM-IR
  • FAST spectra AFM-IR provides high resolution, nanoIR spectroscopy in seconds
  • Rich, interpretable IR spectra that directly correlates to FTIR
  • Correlative microscopy with nanoscale property mapping and full featured AFM
  • "Anasys engineered" for ease of use, productivity and reliability



Bruker's AFM-nDMA mode is the first and only AFM-based viscoelastic technique that ties directly to bulk DMA. AFM-nDMA offers:

  • Accurate moduli and loss tangent at bulk DMA frequencies – a first for AFM
  • Absolute calibration with quantified load and adhesion – no need for a reference sample
  • The ability to address the smallest nanoscale domains with the highest AFM resolution on polymers
  • AFM-based polymer master curves that match bulk results

JPK NanoWizard 4

Nano Wizard

Bruker JPK's NanoWizard 4 is the most flexible high-end AFM on the market.

  • It sets the benchmark in resolution, speed and stability in particular for fluid applications.
  • All NanoWizard® systems provide true integration of AFM with optical microscopy by means of our patented DirectOverlay™ feature for precise and easy work.
  • They come with a large variety of options and accessories.
  • The NanoWizard family comes with the QI™ Mode, an easy and intuitive imaging mode for quantitative imaging.