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18 марта 2013

Bruker Expands Latest CryoProbe™ Prodigy TCI Product Line

Bringing 2.5x Proton Sensitivity Boost and Six-fold Throughput Enhancement to Wider Routine and Biomolecular Research Markets - Prodigy TCI provides a 300 MHz-equivalent Sensitivity Boost for 1H High-Resolution NMR at 500, 600 and 700 MHz at a Fraction of the Cost of Ultra-High Field Systems

18 марта 2013

Bruker Announces CMC 2.0, a NMR Small Molecule Characterization Solution for Complete Molecular Confidence

Key Software Update That Significantly Enhances Its Original Tools for In-line, Better Integrated Routine Workflow for Interactive Structure Verification, Quantification and Elucidation

13 марта 2013

Bruker Introduces New Non-destructive X-Ray 3D Microscope SkyScan 1272

System Enables Nondestructive High-Resolution micro-CT with 200 Megapixel Slices for Visualization of Object Details as Small as 0.35μm in Materials and Life Science Applications

5 марта 2013

Bruker Introduces New Value Standard with Scalable Microscope for Combined Optical Surface Metrology and Imaging

New ContourGT-K Delivers Uncompromised Bench-Top 3D Optical Microscopy Performance

4 марта 2013

NEW SkyScan1272 Delivers Performance Beyond Researchers' Imaginations