GLOBULYSER Homogenizer Efficiency Analyzer

Applications & Technical Details

Measurement Principle

The GLOBULYSER homogenizer efficiency analyzer measures the intensity of transmitted and forward scattered light interacting with fat globules present in the sample cell. The forward scattering directly depends on the size of the fat globules. The software will compare the measured values with the values of clean water and calculates the difference to determine the mean size of the fat globules.

The GLOBULYSER works automatically and provides zero setting control and cleaning after each measurement.

Measurement of Free Fat in Milk Powder

Milk Powder Analysis

Free fat in milk powder is a fundamental parameter desired by the industry depending on the application. The manufacturer of milk powder for baby food for example does not desire any free fat in the product, since the free fat can form a fat layer on the prepared baby milk.

With the help of the GLOBULYSER, the amount of free fat in milk powder can be determined with high accuracy by analyzing the dissolved milk powder.

Save Energy Costs for Homogenization

Milk homogenization

The pressure in an industrial homogenizer is directly correlated to its energy consumption, i.e. running at lower pressure can save considerable amounts of energy in production. With the help of precise results generated by the GLOBULYSER, the energy costs for industrial homogenization can be significantly reduced by optimizing the pressure.

Moreover, by running at lower pressure, the run time between service intervals of the homogenizer can be increased.


The GLOBULYSER is operated by an built-in controller with a panel which allows an easy use for analyzing, cleaning and other tasks like service operations.

Proven Quality

More than 25 years of experience in designing solutions for the dairy industry were combined with the high quality standards of Bruker Optics. Our systems run hassle-free worldwide in companies producing milk and milk products as well as central milk laboratories.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Since the GLOBULYSER only contains few moving parts, it can be easily maintained and requires a minimum of spare parts.

Service and Support

If you need us, we are here to help! Bruker Optics is staffed with a large group of scientists and engineers to respond to your needs:

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