FTIR Applications in Quality Control and Science

Application Polymer

There are countless FTIR applications. INVENIO perfectly fits in every scenario were high sensitivity, spectral or temporal resolution, stability, flexibility and upgradability are required. Improve your daily analytical experience in any industrial or research application field.

Quality Control

Automobile tires profile rgb
  • Verification of incoming goods
  • Troubleshooting of product defects
  • Identification of unknown contaminants

Materials characterization

Solar cells
  • Determination of volatile components
  • Characterization of decomposition processes
  • Characterization of optical materials


Macro platine
  • Determination of oxygen and carbon contents in silicon wafers
  • Photoluminescence measurements in near IR spectral range

Research & Development

  • Time-resolved spectroscopy
  • FTIR spectroelectrochemistry
  • Low temperature experiments
  • FTIR microscopy and imaging
  • In-situ reaction monitoring
  • Amplitude modulation (AM) spectroscopy

Pharmaceuticals & Life Science

  • Assess stability and volatile content of medical drug products
  • Differentiate between polymorphs of active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Protein conformation and concentration
  • Microorganism identification

Polymers & Chemicals

  • Identification of inorganic fillers in polymer composites
  • Identification of inorganic minerals and pigments
  • Multilayer analysis
  • Composition investigation
  • Reaction monitoring and reaction control
  • Dynamic and rheo-optical studies of polymers
  • FT-Raman for diverse application areas


    • Monitoring of pollution (i.e. microplastics)
    • Chracterization of soils