FTIR Analysis for Research and Development

FTIR Analysis with INVENIO will quickly improve your R&D applications. It´s a strong spectroscopic foundation for exciting, innovative discoveries.

  • Cover the full spectral range from far, mid and near infrared to VIS/UV
  • Available with spectral resolution < 0.09 cm-1
  • Measure > 70 spectra per second @16 cm-1 resolution with Rapid-Scan
  • Apply Step-Scan for time-resolved measurements down to the low nanosecond range
  • New beam path design for high signal to noise
  • Up to 7 internal software-controlled detectors
  • Up to 2 input ports and 3 output ports
  • Large variety of accessories to perfectly adapt to your samples
  • Multitude of external modules to address advanced measurement setups
  • Precise electronics to further enhance spectral quality

Discover. Develop. Pioneer.

The INVENIO is dedicated to research. Features like MultiTectTM, RockSolidTM interferometer or INTEGRALTM interferometer with automatic beamsplitter changer, Bruker FM, Rapid Scan, Step Scan, interleaved TRS and of course the TransitTM channel, let you conduct an outstanding FTIR analysis.

Unique & exciting: MultiTect™.

The INVENIO features a unique detector technology for up to five automated room temperature or thermostabilized detector elements. This makes it possible to cover the whole spectral range from 80 cm-1 to 6000 cm-1 or 4000 cm-1 to  28000 cm-1 without any hardware change. Together with the additional DigiTectTM slot (e.g. for LN2 cooled detectors) and the dedicated TransitTM detector this allows for up to seven internal detectors.

Bruker FM: invaluable.

Uninterrupted, self-explanatory, straightforward: That‘s Bruker FM. Cover the entire MIR and FIR spectral range from 80 cm-1 to 6000 cm-1 in one experiment, and make the laborious change of optical components and merging of spectra a relic of the past.

Effortless Precision: INTEGRAL™ Interferometer.

The novel, wear-free INTEGRALTM interferometer featuring an automatic 3-position beam splitter (BMS) changer is the perfect counterpart to Bruker’s MultiTectTM technology. Together with MultiTectTM and software-controlled source options the entire spectral range from FIR to VIS/UV can be covered fully automated, with no need to manually exchange any optical component.

INVENIO Touch Integration Sphere accessories model operation BG

A look at time-resolved methods.

Time-resolved techniques such as Step-Scan, Rapid-Scan or Bruker‘s exclusive interleaved TRS are key to studying and elucidating fast kinetic processes. Use Rapid-Scan and gain deeper insight into e.g. chemical reactions in solutions or utilize Step-Scan to go down to the low nanosecond range for reproducible experiments and leave almost no question unanswered.

Unmatched system intelligence & countless extensions.

Let your FTIR analysis benefit from smart features such as electronically coded windows, internal attenuator wheel, emission bypass, 8x validation wheel and optional touch operation. Upvalue INVENIO with almost any extension such as microscope, Raman or PL module, TGA coupling, external sample compartments and many more.