OPUS BasePackage Evaluation

OPUS Base Package: Evaluation

Certainly measuring good quality spectra is an important precondition but what finally really counts is extracting the desired information. Therefore the OPUS base package includes many valuable evaluation functions addressing both standard and research applications.

  • Quantification (Lambert-Beer’s Law) and Integration: conveniently apply existing methods for quantitative analysis or interactively set up your own new methods.
  • QuickCompare: confirm identity/quality e.g. of incoming goods by automated comparison against reference material spectra. Intuitive and interactive method setup with access to all parameters of interest.
  • Peak Pick: automatic determination of peak positions and creation of peak lists, interactive sensitivity and threshold adjustment.
  • Curve Fit: interactive fit function for Lorentzian, Gaussian and mixed band shapes with powerful parameter optimization algorithms.
  • Layer Thickness: thickness determination of thin layers and coatings from interference fringes with automatic sensitivity optimization.
  • Multi Evaluation: powerful tool allowing for sequential multi-step evaluations or hierarchical evaluation cascades including conditional steps and alarm values. Multi Evaluation may consist of nested Lambert-Beer quantification methods as well as combinations of identity and conformity test and multivariate quantification methods. Moreover, it is posiible to calculate components from  existing quantification methods.
  • Search (basic version): perform an automatic spectra search in a library and create libraries yourself based on your own materials.
  • And many more…
Interactive band integration
Quantification according to Lambert-Beer's law