OPUS Spectroscopy Software

OPUS: Latest Release

OPUS 8.2

Version 8.2 is the latest release of OPUS, the leading software for measurement, processing and evaluation of IR, NIR and Raman spectra, compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 7. Besides many detail improvements for optimized work flow OPUS 8.2 marks the next generation of compliant software for spectroscopic measurements and data analysis.

Characteristic features include:

  • Protected Data Pool: Permanent storage and protection against deletion, renaming, loss of the complete set of electronic records, e.g. measurement parameters, spectra and evaluation results.
  • Comprehensive “Global Audit Trail” with filtering options, e.g. for a smart audit trail review.
  • Next level User and Signature Management and Access
    consistent separation of administrative and operative responsibilities, double check for release signature and configurable password complexity.
  • Full compliance to FDA’s Data Integrity guidelines and cGMP requirements e.g. 21 CFR Part 11
  • Comprehensive implementation of ALCOA plus principle
  • Test routines for Mid-IR spectrometers (transmission and ATR) compliant with new Supplement 9.7 of the European Pharmacopoeia, chapter 2.2.24.